Changing My Mind.

At first I thought I would be happy with my HF Radio next to my computer, but the more I think about it, the more I think I’m going to move it back to where it was.


This is where it is now.  Below where it was.

radio1426503012011 001

Happy to say I received my second CQ but it wasn’t until I called and asked for it.  I also have received a 2 month extension on my subscription.  The lady I talked to was very nice.  Great Customer Service CQ!!


Look what came in today’s Mail.

Look what came in the mail today.  It will be my 71s Birthday day on the 2nd of August.  BDARRL2014

If you want to send something related to Ham Radio, I will humbly accepted them as well as the above.

Considering that I was born in Conn., it would be nice if they at the ARRL HQ would put someone to Scottsdale to aid this creaky old body in putting up  the HF antenna that’s sitting on the patio out back so I could get on the air.

Very Exciting Day

Today was a Very Exciting Day for me.  No, the HF antenna that has been sitting on our patio was not installed on our roof.  That would have been even more of an Exciting day.

What happen was as follows.  By First Class Mail from CQ Communications Inc.

I received the JUNE 2014 issue of CQ Magazine.


I ordered the subscription the middle of May 2014 and had asked a couple of times when to expect it, to which I was told not once but twice that it would be sent out.   Happily it arrived today.


Wonder when the July 2014 issue will get here?


As of right now it looks like I’m going to be kept busy away from the Ham Shack.

If time permits, I will move the power supply and the ICOM 707 closer to my computer.  I have cleared a separate desk with more than enough room on it for both and maybe a couple more items.  That happens if I have the time.

Even after the move there is still the matter of the antenna that is our on the patio, in pieces.  It needs to be put together and put up on the roof and a cable installed through the attic into the Ham Shack.  The move to the new location of the 707 actually might make the cable installation easier because it doesn’t have to go through a brick wall.



When I was home and not involved in other activities and there were quite a few yesterday, I took the time to clear off the desk that I plan to move my ICOM 707 to that is closer to my computer.

It’s not so much that I want to connect the two but I just feel like I want to do away with the second desk in my office (HAM SHACK) and gain space.

Although connecting the two would allow me to use the 707 in ways that I haven’t tried or even thought of.



radio1426503012011 001Down hill toward the weekend.

The SARC had a net last night at 7 PM but I was would you believe  taking  a nap after taking some medicine as my legs were causing me a great deal of pain.  It’s so much fun being old.

I did think and make some plans to move my ICOM 707 to another desk in my office (HAM SHACK) which will put it closer to my computer.  I have also been thinking of removing the desk that the 707 is on now and re-arranging the room.  In my mine right now less (furniture) is better