KI7UP has been Busy.

Even though I have not been bloging, there is a legit reason why I have not, I have been busy doing things with and for amateur radio.

I have been active as the Public Information Coordinator for the ARRL in Arizona.  That I like and even though I’m not a “ARRL Trained P I C”, I do pretty well.

I have also been spending more time that usual on my ICOM 707.  I even participated, as well as I could in a North Dakota QSO Party a few days ago.  I wonder if I will get a QSL card for that?  That would be nice.

Spent some time in the Code areas of the 3 bands I have an antenna for and was surprised at the letters I was picking out.  I need to spend more time, relearning the code.  I think if I got myself to the point that I could read about 20 25 words a minute, I would enjoy that part of Ham Radio.  I got to that point years ago, and I’m not going to let the age difference get in my way.

Just got to find…no change that to make the time.

73 for now.

2 thoughts on “KI7UP has been Busy.

  1. Hey Norm,
    10-12 wpm is good enough for fun on the cw bands. Keep at it and a little bit every day and you should get back your copy skill. I hear guys all the time say they picked up surprisingly quick after many years away.

    I’ve not been active much on the air but I did have a couple nice cw qso’s this past weekend. First time in over a month and I didn’t miss a beat.


  2. At this point, I’m more worried about the receiving and understanding what is being sent that the sending part.

    I’m sure that once I actually take the plunge, and go on the air using code, it will come back. And the more I do it, the quicker it will come.

    By the way, I love the pictures on your blog.


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