I’m still am going to wear it.

Several months ago I purchased the 2012 Field Day T-Shirt from the ARRL.  I did so because it had a pocket.  I prefer to have shirts with pockets.

I wore it today, knowing full well that the 2012 Field Day was over.

I like the T-shirt.

I did take it right off when I came home after being out in the 112 degree Arizona Sun here in Scottsdale.  I think for awhile today is the last day for long pants.  Shorts it is for the rest of the summer.

As for the Field Day 2012 T-Shirt, I have two of them and I intend on wearing them whenever I feel like it.

There are still something we Americans can do without the help of those in Washington.

Got to go, turn the thermostat down.

2 thoughts on “I’m still am going to wear it.

  1. Very nice shirt. I like mine, too.

    But I think the best graphic design ever was the 2009 Field Day shirt.

    That was the forest green shirt with the Yagi and the tent and the dipole strung between the trees; and the op with his little dog.

    I wish I had bought more than one that year!

    73 de Larry W2LJ

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