Stayed Home

Usually we go to Church Sunday morning but today We stayed home.

So far I have spent the day working on projects (nothing to do with Ham Radio) that should have been done earlier in the week.

This week however has not been a quiet week.

Gone from the house all day Tuesday.

Much the same Wednesday.

Thursday, caught up on shopping. (food)

And Friday and Saturday, In and out.  Didn’t make a list of what all we did, but we did it.

I should figure out how to spend time behind the Ham Microphone.


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  1. Mike
    08 July 2012, 4:45 PM

    Good evening Norm, I have been there and it’s no fun at all. I find that if I don’t have radio time I get stressed a bit more and that frustrates the other activities I do. But then again when things get piled up and have to get done the hobby has to take a back seat for awhile
    Nice blog

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