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Who ya going to Call?

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 14 September 2013 | No Comments
Categories: AMERICA, Colorado

If all else fails, who ya going to call? (Click Above)

Know Colorado Pretty Well.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 13 July 2012 | No Comments
Categories: Amateur News, AMERICA, Colorado

Having grown up in Colorado I know well the area of the Report I produced for Amateur Radio News Line. Here’s my Corvair at the ranch my Dad had in Pine Colorado. The car was the very first car I owned, and although you can’t see them in this picture it had two antennas on […]

Ever Wonder Why?

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 21 January 2011 | No Comments
Categories: AMERICA, Arizona, Colorado

If you are a Ham Radio Operator, have you ever wondered why you like Ham Radio? I think I have found out why I do. It’s in my genes. I was uploading some 35 mm slides into my computer over the past three weeks and I found a picture of my father from somewhere in […]


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