Next Installment.

Today, Terry Ryan, KE7GRV returned to the Ham Shack of KI7UP and we spent several hours just talking and attempting jury rigging a connection between my 707 and my computer.  Also we looked at my audio mixer that I use to record articles for Amateur Radio Newsline in an effort to use the equalization that it has to help me with hearing contacts.

We also downloaded a Digipan Program for PSK-31 and looked at the 707 and figured a way to use one of the ACC sockets on the back to directly connect the radio with my computer so that I can make contacts using PSK-31.  That way it doesn’t matter if I can hear or not.

Terry also climbed back up on the roof and raised the center of my three band antenna to improve my signal.

In the next few days, I will add an additional page to Amateur Radio Dreaming with a schedule of when I will be on the three bands I have available to me.  Look for it.

I also plan to go on the air, when ever I fell like it and look for contacts.