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Yazan: Norm Seeley | 14 September 2012 | No Comments
Categories: Arizona, HandHelds, Listening., Thoughts of KI7UP.

Using my new Yaesu FT-60 this week has been fun. Relearning things about how radios actually work.  Yesterday, while talking on the Scottsdale Amateur Radio Club’s UHF repeater from our front year was reminded that moving as little as 12 inches could make all the difference. I just changed the direction of how I was […]


Yazan: Norm Seeley | 04 September 2012 | No Comments
Categories: Amateur News, AMERICA, Arizona, HandHelds, Listening., Thoughts of KI7UP.

I’m having fun with my new FT-60R/E .  The more I “play” with it the more I learn about what I need to do. Last night a local club had an on the air meeting and I was listening and figured out that there is one problem.  ME. The radio is hearing the output of […]

KI7UP has been Busy.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 26 March 2012 | 2 Comments
Categories: AMERICA, Arizona, Listening., Morse Code, Part of Ham Radio, Thoughts of KI7UP.

Even though I have not been bloging, there is a legit reason why I have not, I have been busy doing things with and for amateur radio. I have been active as the Public Information Coordinator for the ARRL in Arizona.  That I like and even though I’m not a “ARRL Trained P I C”, […]

Firsts for KI7UP

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 26 June 2011 | Comments Off
Categories: AMERICA, Arizona, Field Day 2011, Listening., Thoughts of KI7UP.

I spent some time yesterday listening to Field Day on the 3 bands that I can monitor.  And much to my amazement, I heard two things for the very first time on the ham bands. The first, sit down you’re not going to believe this.  I heard a woman ham.  That’s right I could easily […]


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