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Ever Wondered?

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 14 August 2013 | No Comments
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Happy Easter!

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 31 March 2013 | No Comments
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Yazan: Norm Seeley | 23 January 2013 | No Comments
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Today marks 14 Happy Years for Karen and I.  Yesterday someone must have told Taco Bell about it as just look at the Verde Salsa they gave us.  

Next Year.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 08 December 2011 | No Comments
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I have decided that I am going to stay away from my computer for the remainder month of December. I will return in January 2012. Have a Happy Holiday, and Happy New Year and I will see you again in the new year. Norm, KI7UP, Scottsdale Arizona.      

The truth about the Frist American Thanksgiving.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 23 November 2011 | No Comments
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America’s First Thanksgiving.

Write A Blog.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 12 June 2011 | No Comments
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This is the second time I have sat down in front of my computer thinking I was going to write a blog for ARN. Now that I think about it, this is actually the 5th time this week I have been here.   But right now is the only time I have actually got the fingers […]

7 Days.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 17 December 2010 | No Comments
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Here it is only 7 days away from Christmas Eve. The Picture is one I took on 12/08/2010, at the Desert Botanical Garden that is between Scottsdale and Phoenix. I wish that I could tell you that KI7UP will be on the air for Christmas 2010, but let’s be realistic. It’s not going to happen. […]


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