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Much the Same.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 29 April 2011 | No Comments
Categories: AMERICA, Arizona, PSK-31, Scottsdale Arizona, Thoughts of KI7UP.

I have been on the air everyday this week except for yesterday, and it’s much the same as last week. Didn’t have computer trouble, was able to record a story for Amateur Radio Newsline and as I mention in beginning, did find the time to fire up the radio. There’s the rub, even though I […]

What a Week.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 01 April 2011 | No Comments
Categories: Amateur News, AMERICA, Arizona, Morse Code, PSK-31, Thoughts of KI7UP.

This last week to be honest was not the best for me. First, I physically didn’t feel that great.  And because of that I didn’t spend much time doing anything.  On the importance scale, taking care of my wife comes first, so I put my energy into that.  Leaving little time or energy for anything […]

Next Installment.

Yazan: Norm Seeley | 03 March 2011 | No Comments
Categories: Amateur News, AMERICA, Antennas, Arizona, Base Stations, Digipan, PSK-31

Today, Terry Ryan, KE7GRV returned to the Ham Shack of KI7UP and we spent several hours just talking and attempting jury rigging a connection between my 707 and my computer.  Also we looked at my audio mixer that I use to record articles for Amateur Radio Newsline in an effort to use the equalization that […]