Next Add Amateur Radio

The city of Scottsdale Arizona has completed it’s new EOC, the next step is to add Amateur Radio.

List of Amateur Gear:

Yaesu FT-897 Transceiver – $979.95

Astron RS-50M Supply With Meter – $299.95

Diamond X510HDN Antenna – $199.95

Times Microwave LMR-600 Ultraflex Coax Cable – 75ft @ $3.99/Ft – $299.25

Heil Proset-4 Pro Set Mic/Headset w/HC-4 PS-4 PS4 – $139.95

Heil AD-1YM YAESU Modular Headset ADPTR Proset – $22.95

Heil FS-3 Foot Switch 1 Circuit Only – $25.95

MFJ-815C Cross-Needle SWR/Wattmeter HF – $89.95

Vectronics DL300M 300W Dummy Load – $49.95

SUB-TOTAL – $2107.85

Thanks to

John D. Moede

Emergency Management Coordinator

City of Scottsdale

Emergency Management/Homeland Security Bureau

for the Picture and list.



Hand Held.

After trying two other HTs,  I have been able with the help of Gary, N7GJ, the manager of the HRO here in the metro Phoenix area get a radio that I can program.

It’s a Yaesu FT-60R/E and you can see it in my shack in the picture below.

I know it’s hitting 3 repeaters, 2 UHF and 1 VHF, as I can hear the repeater come back when I transmit ” KI7UP Testing”.  I haven’t as yet asked for a signal check.

Considering I’m sitting at my desk using only the antenna it came with, I’m happy with the fact that I can hit the 3 repeaters I have entered in.  As I read more in the manual I will add more local repeaters and also simplex frequencies.

That’s to come.

Still Here.

While I have not blogged here on ARD this past week I am still here and still have spent time thinking and planning changes for my Ham Shack.

One of my desires is to install an new antenna system that would open up additional bands.  I also like the idea of keeping my shack as simple as possible.  Because of that I’m looking for an antenna that does not need ground radials or use of a tuner.  An antenna like that would also bring less attention to the house.

Stayed Home

Usually we go to Church Sunday morning but today We stayed home.

So far I have spent the day working on projects (nothing to do with Ham Radio) that should have been done earlier in the week.

This week however has not been a quiet week.

Gone from the house all day Tuesday.

Much the same Wednesday.

Thursday, caught up on shopping. (food)

And Friday and Saturday, In and out.  Didn’t make a list of what all we did, but we did it.

I should figure out how to spend time behind the Ham Microphone.

More about the Visit

Earlier in January I sent a letter to the Scottsdale Arizona Fire Chef asking as an individual with a wife who is disabled, what provisions had been made if the Power goes out, the land line phone system was down and the cellular phone system was overloaded with governmental communications or down itself.

John Moede, the Emergency Management Coordinator for Scottsdale paid us a visit Tuesday afternoon.

He told us about what was going on within the City and plans that were underway to add a Amateur Radio set up to the city’s EOC.  He also told us that he was interested he obtaining his amateur license.   As he had been approached by a local club who showed him a “small radio” and worked a local repeater.

He  brought with him, a number of brochures of the numerous programs for citizens that are up and running.  I have made several calls and have opted to be included in programs that will help us in  an emergency situation.